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 Pamela Devonne Page was born on March 8, 1957, to the parents of Raymond and Shirley Wilson. Pamela was the oldest of four children. She attended Rocky Mount City Schools, where she received her high school diploma in 1974. She had three amazing children, Kimberly, Natakey, and Demond.


Pamela did her best with life. She had a heart of gold, loved people, and had no problem helping others if she could. She was a lover of fashion. Wigs, furs, and heels were her specialty. However; like anyone else, she had her share of life struggles. She battled with a drug addiction along with abusive relationships. One of which ended her life tragically on November 28, 1986, after being stabbed three times on the left side of her chest. Sadly, one of the punctures hit her heart. Pamela was only 29 years old, and she still had a full life ahead of her. Unfortunately, she was unable to fulfill some of her goals.



Natakey, has started a domestic violence foundation in her memory. It is her belief that her mom’s life was not in vain. Natakey has also experienced domestic violence and has been fortunate enough to get out of it safely. Her goal is to share her story along with her mother’s story in order to help other women who are experiencing domestic violence or in the process of healing.


From Pamela’s legacy of having a heart for people, Natakey has pledged to honor her memory through making the communities aware of the tragedies that could occur from domestic violence.


Thirty-five years later Pamela’s daughter,
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